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When companies are looking for an outsourced solution to ramp up their revenue, Inspired Marketing is the sure thing.  We pride ourselves on following through on every commitment and delivering unmatched results which make us an undeniable force in the industry.  The value we bring our clients can be summed up in one phrase; "100% return on their investment."

We shine where most fail, or avoid.  The vast majority of companies focus on two large demographics to target their marketing efforts towards- Big Business and Indirect Sales. Where we have made a name for ourselves is in the large demographic that our clients are missing- Face to Face. Our direct, personal style of marketing and sales is exactly what clients are lacking. Not only are we able to increase their overall customer base and revenue, but in turn, their customers have a better experience.

The value Inspired Marketing brings our clients is undeniable.  Providing 100% R.O.I. is shocking enough, let alone the fact that we demand it's done with integrity and professionalism.  Knowing that you can trust our team to maintain a high standard of customer care makes it an easy decision to partner with us.  Below are just a few of the ways that we bring value to our clients

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What We Do

Inspired Marketing is the top outsourced sales firm in New York City. Our Fortune 500 clients hire us to acquire new business customers but also to maintain their existing customers across markets. Even for big companies it can be very expensive and take a lot of time to develop a strong team of people dedicated to driving results. At Inspired, we take on that cost so our clients can have a turn-key operation in the New York City market.  

To keep it simple, they work with us for two reasons; the quantity and quality of the customers we can get for them. Every company is looking for new customers and to retain their existing customers, at Inspired we take on these challenges and continue to WOW our clients on a week to week basis. As the world becomes more digital and people are becoming less and less connected, we are committed to the firm handshake and warm smile developing long lasting profitable business relationships for our clients.

Gain new business customers and increase market share.


Develop & maintain meaningful relations with customers.


Improve brand recognition & the customer experience.


Uncover potential in new & emerging markets.




Gabriel Guerrero, Corporate Trainer

Gabriel known for being a pacesetter in the office has had an opportunity to work with clients in multiple states.  Inspire allowed me to diversify my skills and transfer knowledge to others which have not only expanded my horizon but allow me to make an impact in other lives. 

Deki Paydon, Senior Trainer

Deki has a thirst for travel and quick to pick up languages. She is known for being a strategic thinker, problem solver, and high-achiever an feels at inspired the goal is to constantly be developing skills to make an impact in ones community and to others

Imani Hallowell, Corporate Trainer

Imani is known for being a high sales performer being ranked nationally multiple weeks  feels  that at inspired she has seen herself grow managerial and leadership skills week after week as well as time management and the foresight to help others develop.

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Many of our clients' sales were suspended during the COVID19 shutdowns, making our services even more valuable than ever! Our focus is quality and safety over everything else. With this in mind, we have resumed face to face selling. Together with our client partners, we have determined that it is now an appropriate time.

We have been preparing and adapting to this new world at Inspired Marketing the past few months.

  • Our office has evolved operations to mitigate and manage health risk.

  • We have implemented a comprehensive approach to safe selling (touch-less).

  • Daily health screenings of employees.

  • Reps will be equipped with health and safety materials to ensure the well-being of themselves and the customers.

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403 W 48th St, New York, New York  10036


tel: 646-504-6446

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